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Iran shows intercepted CIA RQ170 drone


  • Alex74#

    Alex74 December 9, 2011 12:21:09 PM CET

    It's not that kind of game.I think.But I don't have a clue how they managed to bring it down.It's almost intact.The shape is authentic. And some kind of desert camo on it.Small dent on the left wing and hole on top of it give evidence of damaging by some weapon.But to land it in this condition suggests that,more likely, at one point, somehow, they took control of it and landed it easily.

  • Toxic32#online

    Toxic32 December 9, 2011 11:30:35 AM CET

    Ever herd of a Trojen Horse. When they plug the on board computer into their system it will probably down load a shed load of viruses and destroy the complete infrastructure of their society and command structure?

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