Icons and statues were condemned by Christ Paul bu

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Icons and statues were condemned by Christ Paul but they have turned up for Blind Guides. HALOS AND THEIR COLOURS.
I went to the Greek service and they have the icons of Jesus and others. The Halos behind their heads that signifies their importance or role were not the same even for Christ Jesus. On one icon the colour of Halo was golden like Sun whilst in the other it was silver, which represents Moon, the secondary source of Light as John, the Baptist was a witness to the Light, Sun, but not the Light.
Here are some suggestions if people insist upon Icons which are antichrist then Remember that Christ Paul condemned the statues of gods and goddesses and the whole town was against him. Today, they even make icons and statues of Christ Paul himself. This is the Anti-Christ activities. No wonder they have no ideas of the colours of Halos?
Christ Jesus represents Sun, the Primary Source of Light. So, the Halo of Christ Jesus is to be golden colour representing Sun.
John, the Baptist was like the Moon, a Witness to the Light Christ Jesus and therefore the Halo of John, the Baptist should be smaller and silver colour, the colour of Moon.
Mary, the Surrogate mother of Jesus being perfect in moral laws, she should have the Halo of Silver, the same as John, the Baptist. So, the Foster Father Joseph too should have a silver coloured Halo..
The Apostles were paid their Wage of Holy Spirit at Pentecost and they all became Christs but not the anointed ones. Christ Jesus remains the anointed One, the Son and He was the Son whose Marriage with eleven Virgins, Judas Iscariot missing, was celebrated at the Eucharist of Sacrifice or of entering into the Bridal Chamber. This is the Baptism of Jesus in Holy Spirit and our Father. It is most mocked as Eucharist being entering into the Bridal Chamber with Christ Jesus to perform the Marriage. You do not perform Marriage every day. Most mocked.
So, the Halo on all the Apostles should be of Sun and a little smaller as they were not anointed although they reached the same Heights as Christ Jesus. Christ Jesus is our Royal High Priest whilst the Apostles the Royal Priests, the solitary Virgins who were attached to the True Vine by the Grace of our Father.

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