Alien Pilots Filmed At Area 51? 2011

This is a short clip I was sent by a source who claims to have incredible evidence of Alien beings helping human pilots test reverse engineered, anti gravitational vehicles at Area 51 in 1964. This segment is one of four clips, I will post the other three when, and if I receive them, and if a price can be agreed. The cockpit footage above, about a minute long (full segment is over six minutes in length), seems to show an Alien Grey at the controls of an unknown vehicle, a further Grey is sitting directly opposite the one at the forefront and cannot be seen in full, it can however, be seen giving instruction in further footage to human pilots. I'm open minded about this ones guys, will decide what I think when I have seen the remaining footage, apparently its twenty five minutes in full, split into four clips. Will keep you posted. Peace ADG Facebook: Follow ADG on Twitter:

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