12/9/2011 -- Youtube video ' Mercury UFO ' -- NOT a UFO -- proof / link below

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Here is a link to the SECCHI website .. US Navy.mil .. secchi.nrl.navy.mil If you search back .. you can see Mercury does produce this "effect" often --- actually it appears to happen on EACH ROTATION of the planet....it could be just as the FOX news "professional" describes.. a flaring artifact... however .. to me.. it looks like a magnetosphere interaction of some kind... Do the search on the site.. and YOU tell me ! Artifact or magnetosphere... alas, unfortunately, its no smoking gun for the UFO community. I don't blame him for looking into it.. but I do wonder why he didn't just click back a bit to see it happens all the time... here is the link to the original video by youtube user sinixter: www.youtube.com www.youtube.com (DISCLAIMER : Since I've never really stated what I think personally on the topic of UFO's...I DO 'believe' in the greater "ufo issue". I have a good reason. I believe, because my wife and I have seen one in broad daylight .. out in colorado in 2006... I watched it with my skymaster telescopic binoculars as it ascended up into a blue sky and off into SPACE... man made.. alien... natural phenomeon? I don't know.. I can verify, we saw an unknown object ascend into space over the course of 5 minutes with a witness at hand to testify to the occurrence -- by definition.. a classic UFO sighting).

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