Street preachers ( harassed and hand cuffed by Houston police officers

  • Uploaded by Beforealt on Dec 11, 2011
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Make sure to listen to the end of the video when the police officer admits to trying to take the signs away in order to get us to leave the corner. We have been preaching on this corner with these same signs for two years. Our ministry is set up with the Houston police department to have police protection upon request. Also our signs have been approved by the Houston police ordinance officer that I have been in contact with several times regarding these very signs. We have had problems with the police on this corner before!! It's our goal to get along with the HPD! We live and serve in the same city and we prefer to be friends and work together for a better community.. For the most part we get along with most of the police force in the city and we are thankful for what they do..

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