Libertarian Feminism is Superior to Liberal Feminism

One of the things we have to look forward to in the shift to a more free society, is the elevation of women. It's no secret, that historically, men have dominated society, and it should be no surprise that a system based on forcing people to go along with the will of government results in patriarchy. This is generally due to our obvious physical advantage and psychological programming to dominate as the alpha male.

We evolved with different strengths in women and men to ensure overall survival and reproduction, not in our current, technologically advanced society, but in a state of nature. More than any real edge, this gave men the ability to dominate others by force. Fortunately, wisdom is catching up with technology, and people are realizing that dominating others by force, IS NOT to anyone's REAL advantage.

In terms of traditional measures of economic productivity, men still enjoy an advantage from physical strength that is being rendered less relevant every day by automation. But men's advantage that results from that physical strength being applied to other human beings, is a different issue. While there are plenty of female cops and soldiers these days, certain fields will always be male-dominated. When statism rules, when aggression against others is tolerated, men's physical advantage will be a real economic advantage as well.

While women vote for statist politicians too, men dominate politics, law enforcement, and the military. These are not things for women to aspire to, but to lead men away from! Why should women want to engage in the same destructive behavior of dominance? It is as if some women are trying to assert their equality by trying to match the worst that men are capable of! Women have a much greater power and a much more important role to play. Women should not seek to compete with men in the fields of dominating others, in politics, in law enforcement, or in the military, but rather continue to set the example of NOT dominating others by force. But then, who the hell am I to think I should be telling women what to do.

Creating liberty requires empathy for the will of others. For all the essential virtues of men, it is time to take the lead of women, at least until we all learn that freedom is the way forward, and we can evolve past social systems based on force and coercion. Feminists tend to think that instituting a stronger government can lead to greater gender equality, but an institution premised on the initiation of force, inherently favors those best at using force. Fortunately, the historical trend is clear, and violence is less prevalent in our daily lives than ever before. As we become more free in general, the playing field shifts to the advantage of women, as it should.

Women have shown themselves to be as capable as men as administrators of government, but it is the willingness of men to be the enforcement of government that makes it possible. It is men's willingness to subjugate and to follow orders that keeps government going. While women bear a certain share of the responsibility for the world's problems, let's be brutally honest: when it comes to the destruction of liberty, it's the men who lead the way. To achieve the free society that we know is within our reach, let us put down the arms of government and acknowledge that we are all free, beautiful, independent, human beings, who aught to be the alphas of our own lives.

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