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"If they do not do what you tell them, strike them." says SFPD while kettling OccupySF 2011-12-07

  • Uploaded by Renseor on Dec 11, 2011
  • Hits: 211

Just after 2:59 SFPD Sgt. Peter Thoshinsky (helmet #2197) walks down the line and instructs each officer "If they do not do what you tell them, strike them."

Recorded outside the kettle perimeter SFPD established in Bradley Manning Plaza (aka Justin Herman Plaza) on the evening of December 7 (the night after their early morning surprise raid in which they arrested 70 people and destroyed their belongings).

People inside the kettle were not allowed to leave from 6 : 30pm until about 8 : 50pm when the police abruptly left.

At 0:45 you can see police kneeling on two people; one is Chris Jones, who (more than 40 minutes later) was taken to the hospital. The 1:05 mark in this video (when the police flip over the unidentified person with white pants) occurs at the following point in another much clearer video of the incident:

Local time at beginning of this video was 6 : 45pm.

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