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The owner of this specimen corrected me. This string of words was found on his HAIR not just a fiber.
In Morgellons, natural tissue is replaced by means of Tissue Enineering. I believe this is done by means of one or more of the type of synthetic life forms described in this video. These materials can be targeted to specific cells (about 130 different cell types have been labeled for targeting). They replace hair, skin, nails and structures inside the ear. The only things I know that works to degrade these materials is enzymatic cleaving. There are patents relating to degrading polymers in vivo. Some have had success with hyperbaric chamber therapy.
Has NASA created the 8 things necessary to be called life? I don't know. Someone wrote and said #7 was not sustainable.

NASA has created the disease of the century--Biocompatible hydrogels and polymers, symbionts, host of parasites, insects, spiders, protozoa, molds, fungus. Have they made humans compatible with nature.

An additional $9M will be spent to make sure nano products are safe.

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