12/11/2011 -- Sakurajima volcano -- shows a full caldera of lava

This is a shot from today , December 11, 2011 -- showing two eruptions and a full caldera. This volcano has erupted over 800 times this year -- a record for this mountain (and globally it stands out as one of the more active volcanoes) . There are times when the caldera is "low" and other times when the level of lava in the crater is literally at the brim .. you can see the lava erupting in large waves off the top of the caldera -- exposing the high level of lava contained in this active crater. An elevated alert still exists for this volcano -- the threat of a LARGE scale eruption with multiple KM ash fallout / and even large pyroclastic flow. (this is per the Japanese agency which monitors the entire volcanic area). mirrored with permission from: www.youtube.com

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