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UFO Documentary Weaponization of Space Part 2/6

  • Uploaded by Terratop on Sep 9, 2008
  • Hits: 258

New World Order, war, US, EU, euro, one world government, politics, Illuminati, mind control, freemasons, secret societies, conspiracy, 911 truth, bush, cheney, wolfowitz, obama, clinton, rockefeller, rothschild, kissenger, warburg, crowley, skull & bones, alex jones, david Icke, Jordan Maxwell, Naomi Wolf, Aaron Russo, Leo Zagami, jfk, shadow government, knights templar, malta, satanists, NAU, NAFTA, Amero, Iraq, Iran, CIA, oligarchy, ufo, alien, roswell, reptilian, 2012, bohemian grove, vatican, black pope, jesuits, police state, mk ultra, zionism, chemtrails, FEMA camps, RFID chip, orwell, 1984, brave new world, revolution

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