SSE Talks - Overunity, Advanced Propulsion, 2nd Law - Daniel Ward

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By means of an extension to Classical Mechanics and Electromagnetics -- not unlike the changes due to Special Relativity's modification of Newtonian mechanics, or Nassim Haramein's addition of torsion and Coriolis forces to Einstein's field equations -- it is possible to postulate an advanced propulsion system requiring no propellant mass, as well as, potentially, an "over-unity" energy system which requires no fuel. Classical mechanical and electrical systems appear to be enhanced by taking into account a higher order differential term... even to the extent of this extension of the physics impacting the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

By adding a single linear term to the traditional equations, we are able to account for extreme and/or sudden changes in the rate of acceleration in either a particle or an electric charge (or a larger collection of the same), as well as taking advantage of a time constant related to the apparent size of the system in question. The larger the time constant and/or the greater the rate of change of acceleration -- i.e. the more the radical the change of pace -- the greater the effect. The addition of this single linear term was first introduced by William O. Davis and elaborated upon by G. Harry Stine, and effectively transformed the mathematical descriptions from second order differential equations into third order differential equations. Arthur Young has, seperately, referred to this third order differential term as "control", thereby implying a possible link to consciousness. The presentation will describe additional mathematics and physical results.

The mathmatical equations and solutions can be shown, for example, to be relevant to various specialized areas of physical research, including: Sonoluminesence, Special Relativity, and Mach's Principle... as well as being applicable to advanced propulsion systems, resonance systems, connective physics, and a host of other physical, albeit some relatively mundane, phenomena. The latter includes aspects of: Karate, tornadoes, hammering, homeopathy, chiropractic, and head banging. Specific discussions on several of these enhancements are included in the presentation..

Daniel S. Ward is currently Chief Scientist of Halexandria Foundation, former Associate Professor of Physics and Civil Engineering at Colorado State University, and Chief Executive Officer of Quantum Genesis, LLC. Dr. Ward's interests include nuclear physics, cosmology and solar system physics, as well as geometrical forces, ancient history, and various extensions of evolutionary theory.

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