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Thus, the rich Jewish man came to Jesus for Perfection whilst Jesus went to the Samaritans to Harvest the ripe crop ready for harvesting. This Samaritan Woman never mind their men was so loving God that as soon as Christ Jesus opened His Mouth that I can give you living water, ABBAE HAEYAATT, she engaged Christ Jesus into very deep discussion that even surprised His Labourers. She was Perfect in the love of God and in order to give Peace to her troubling mind that the Jews say that you reach heaven by worshipping God in the Jerusalem Temple whereas the Samaritans believed in doing good and forget it, the philanthropy. So, when Christ Jesus told her that time has come to worship God in Truth of Righteousness and spirit of Devine Love Agape as the Samaritan man who picked up the wounded person displayed, then that doubt or conflict in her mind was made clear for her Peace of Mind. So, the spirituality in the Samaritan woman was the last husband that was living with her but dominating no more as Christ Jesus had ironed out any questions in her troubled mind. So, Sermon delivered by Christ Jesus to her put her mind to rest and there were no more doubts in her mind. This is displayed in the Orthodox Greek service when a Bishop reads the Sermon, there are two persons standing in front of him with candle stands bearing two and three candles. As the Bishop reads the Sermons, the two persons cross each other or in a House, physical body, there are Five; two against three and three against Two. As I have explained earlier, the three are of ego. They are 1. Ego of physical strength, birth, beauty, etc, - KAAM, 2. Egocentric in wisdom such as a wrestler, footballer, etc display, - KARODHH, 3. Ego of the religious Book knowledge as the Jews display, HANKAAR, of their Torah and the university Professors of their Book knowledge. Whilst the Two are of the mind that is still doubting. They are 1. greed -- LOBHH, as the Jewish rich man displayed but the Samaritans were always contented with their lots and 2. Was worldly attachment due to riches -- MOH. The religious knowledge of the Samaritans was in spirit as their laws were not written in the Books as those of the Jews but over the Tablets of living hearts, the seat of Christ. After the Bishop had finished reading the Gospel, the two men would stop crossing each other but bow down their heads as a sign of submission to His Will sealing them to the service or submission to the Will of God, the Last husband of the Samaritan Woman that was subdued by the Sermon of Christ Jesus. Happily she was listening to Christ Jesus and our anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus was enjoying the Feast of His Life feeling no hunger for the physical Food as He enjoyed the very spiritual Food with the Samaritan Woman.

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