The Rex Heflin Ufo Photographs

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Rex Heflin, Santa Ana, California USA 1965 photo depicts a flat-top "straw hat" saucer. To the general public, it is perhaps the best known shape of what a UFO may look like, as it was included in encyclopedia Britannica's 1966 yearbook, classified under "spacecraft".

On 3-Aug-1965 about 12:30pm, Rex E. Heflin, age 38, a highway maintainance engineer for the Orange County road department, spotted an unusual object approaching the road. He stopped his truck, grabbed the camera off the seat beside him and shot three pictures as rapidly as possible. As the object moved away, Heflin scrambled out of the truck and took his fourth and final picture of a "smoke ring". Heflin tried to contact his office by radio while the UFO was near his vehicle, but the radio refused to operate. Heflin estimated the UFO to be ~20ft (6m) in diameter and ~700ft (210m) away and said a rotating light was apparent underneath the UFO.

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