Concept of Mahalla and the Maehal, their Palace wh

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Concept of Mahalla and the Maehal, their Palace where Satgurus were living - 2. CONCEPT OF MAHALLA AND MAEHAL.
In Punjabi, Mahalla means a part of the town and it is normally known by some tradesmen or else. For example, in a certain part of the town, you may have carpenters, blacksmiths, jewellers, etc so that part of the town is known as the Mahalla of carpenters, blacksmiths, etc.
3. Satguru Amar Dev Ji -- Mahalla 3. The Fruit of submission to His Will is that they become Twice-Born of spirit who enjoy the Devine Love Agape and they have Christ or Satguru in their hearts to receive His Word by grace. Christs of spirit, and not the Christians of Book, know Christs. Thus, Satguru Amar Dev Ji got the Keys to the Treasury of our Father and He uttered many Sayings. His fight was against DUBDA or twice bond, bond of this world and how to set yourself Free of this world whilst still living in it by refraining evil or unjust things that the world is full of. In tonight's Video, I will render exposition on the old and the New Wine. He created SUNNMUKH Sikhs.
4. Satguru Ram Dass Ji -- Mahalla 4. When a person has acquired the knowledge of God, then he would prefer to serve God than Mammon or the person gets sealed to serve God -- a GURMUKH.
5. Satguru Arjun Dev Ji -- Mahalla 5. Remember that Christ Jesus served the Eucharist of Sacrifice or entering into the Bridle Chamber to those who were sealed to serve God. Mammon loving Judas Iscariot was thrown out from the Marriage of the Son wedding Banquett. So, Satguru Arjun Dev Ji reaped the Reward of serving God only and He attained the very Spirit of God as the 12 Labourers of Christ Jesus attained when they were paid their Wage of Holy Spirit at Pentecost. Thus, Satguru Arjun Dev Ji being a Specialist then proclaimed SABHH TAE WADAH SATGURU NANAK; JINN KAL RAAKHI MAERI. That is of all the Christs of the world, Satguru Nanak Dev Ji was the Greatest of all. Christ Jesus faced the baby Princes of Darkness whilst Christ Nanak Dev Ji, the Kings and Emperors of Darkness.
6. Satguru Tegh Bahadur Ji -- Mahalla 9. Satguru Arjun Dev Ji was highly tortured as He the Double-Edged Sword in honour of the Greatest of all Christs Satguru Nanak Dev Ji. After the death of Satguru Arjun Dev Ji, there were Three Royal Kings called Sachae Patshahs. They were Royal King Har Gobind Ji, Har Rai Ji and Har Krishan Ji. As the name of 9th Mahalla or the last of the six Satguru Tegh -- Double Edged Sword of His Word -- Bahadur -- a Brave Soldier of Christ Nanak Dev Ji implies, He Preached the Ultimate Message that oh man become God-orientated and leave the fashion of this false world. But the stubborn sons of Satan killed Him and His Sealed to serve God Soldiers mercilessly. Then, the Last Prophet Royal King Gobind Rai Ji organise an Army of Philanthropic Soldiers called KHALSAS or Puritans and they fought for the victims of aggressions with sword power. Khalsas had no intention of ruling over the land as Oliver Cromwell had no intention of ruling the country. Thus, Khalsas are Puritans in nature and that is what it stands for.
I hope this short introduction will make people realise the Fields of Specialities that you can expect from a certain Satguru. This will make the understanding of the Sayings easy. Still a Fellowship of the Royal Priests or Preachers irons out any further doubts in mind.

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