Mahalla Maehal 3:- Exposition of the Saying of Sat

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This Shabad is by SattGuru Amar Dev Ji and not Daas Ji in Raag Bihaagraa on Pannaa 554 slok mÚ 3 ] salok ma 3 || Salok, Third Mehla: mwxsu BirAw AwixAw mwxsu BirAw Awie ] maanas bhariaa aaniaa maanas bhariaa aae || One person brings a full ...

This Shabad is by SattGuru Amar Dev Ji and not Daas Ji in Raag Bihaagraa on Pannaa 554
slok mÚ 3 ]
salok ma 3 ||
Salok, Third Mehla:

mwxsu BirAw AwixAw mwxsu BirAw Awie ]
maanas bhariaa aaniaa maanas bhariaa aae ||
One person brings a full old bottle wine, the Book knowledge, and he passes on to his students as in the Universities.

ijqu pIqY miq dUir hoie brlu pvY ivic Awie ]
jith peethai math dhoor hoe baral pavai vich aae ||
After drinking the Old wine of the Letters, the person does not want to have the New Wine, the Gospel. The separation between the Two increases or it creates the separation called BIRL. When Christ Jesus used to Preach Gospel in Jerusalem, then the people showed no desire to listen but when Christ Jesus Preached Gospel in a Samaritan village, even a woman showed such a great interest that she proclaimed Jesus to be the Prophet and told Him that when Christ will come, He will tell us everything or clear all our doubts. Then, Christ Jesus was very happy to disclose His Christship and stayed with the village people for two days to harvest the Crop. The whole village became Apostles but the Messianic Jew Bishops killed them. Light came among his own, and they hated Him as Khatris did to Satguru Nanak Dev Ji;

Awpxw prwieAw n pCwxeI Ksmhu Dky Kwie ]
aapanaa paraaeiaa n pashhaanee khasamahu dhhakae khaae ||
So, when a person is drunk with the old wine of Letters that deal with moral laws in which the tribal separation is kept intact, such a spiritually blind person being egocentric have no capability to know our Brethren in God. That is why the name of Lehna Ji was changed to Satguru Angad Dev Ji in that in spirit we are of One Body and ANG means a Limb of the Body of Nanak. As Christ Jesus Said unless you eat the Flesh of Jesus, understand the Gospel Preached by the mouth of Jesus, and Drink the Blood of Christ, Preach from your mouth the Gospel that you have understood, you are not part, Limb, of me, the Body of Jesus. Without being a person of spirit or Twice-born, you cannot know the Narrow Gate that leads to the Vineyard of our Father, the Storehouse of New Wine.

ijqu pIqY Ksmu ivsrY drgh imlY sjwie ]
jith peethai khasam visarai dharageh milai sajaae ||
The drink that makes you forget our Father, subject you to punishment in the court of our Father. That is, the people who teach the Letters of the Holy Books and make their Disciples or students drunk with the Old Wine of the Letters desiring not the New Wine of Gospel are punished in the court of our Father for they have wasted their human birth. Human beings are the king of creation of Brahma, Khuda or Yahweh, the creator of Nature.

JUTw mdu mUil n pIceI jy kw pwir vswie ]
jhoot(h)aa madh mool n peechee jae kaa paar vasaae ||
Do not ever get drunk with the sweet wine of fanaticism that lures you from the other side of the river that come here to me for becoming a fanatic. In this Dark Age, everyone is to give his own account to God and so far you go by your own innerman, the Christ, you remain Virgin capable of Marrying the Son Christ Nanak Dev Ji, the Son who came into this world to deliver His Word and not his own.

nwnk ndrI scu mdu pweIAY siqguru imlY ijsu Awie ]
naanak nadharee sach madh paaeeai sathigur milai jis aae ||
O Nanak, by the grace of our Father, we receive the Taste of His Word, the New Wine and get ourselves drunk by Preaching Gospel whosoever is blessed with Satguru or Christ in his heart and become Solitary. Satguru in called ANTAR SATGURU or the Innerman.

sdw swihb kY rMig rhY mhlI pwvY Qwau ]1]
sadhaa saahib kai ra(n)g rehai mehalee paavai thhaao ||1||
He shall be ever One with our Father and finds his Rest in the House of our Father. That is, the sons of Most High attain Rest or Salvation by sealing themselves to serve God and God only. Our Father’s House is situated Right in the Middle of Vineyard where the True Vine Christ Jesus is Planted by our Father Gardner. Christ Jesus took the Eleven right into the House of our Father after the Last Supper and washed their Feet as a symbol of Welcome into the House, which the proud Pharisee Simon did not wash but the humble Mary Magadalen washed with her tears of love and devotion. She dried the Feet of Christ Jesus with her honour, the hair. That is, one should be humble if you want to learn from your Master Preacher.

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