Violent supression of New Zealands illegitmacy

  • Uploaded by Haputanga on Dec 15, 2011
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Originating as a privately owned company registered in New South Wales, the New Zealand company was financed by 100,000pound loan from the Rothschild dynasty.

Immigrants were brought in, initially under guise of the Treaty of Waitangi, but now can be seen to support that introduction of a totalitarian fascist regime.

Previous sentiment was that this was an attempted genocide on tangata whenua (Maori) yet it is fast becoming evident that this systems exploitation of families and the land is really an abomination against nature and therefore all of us.

This video evidences some of the lengths the New Zealand Crown will go to maintain their system of exploitation, silence those that are aware of its legitimacy while also showing the lawful remedy every community has against this system of law.

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