Fukushima Nuclear Contamination Update 12-11-2011

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Skywatch Media Entertainment- The Fukushima catastrophe is, without question, the most massive radiological disaster ever recorded in human history. The mainstream media has consistently (intentionally?) downplayed the severity of the Fukushima disaster, perhaps to try to calm fears by denying the true extent of the problem. TEPCO routinely and habitually lied about the status of Fukushima during the meltdown and in the days and weeks following that meltdown. We therefore cannot rely upon official sources to accurately inform us of the actual status of the Fukushima facility. The risk of being misled by those official sources is very high. Skywatch Media News: www.earthfrenzyradio.com Audio Mp3 Provided by Rense Radio Network Distributed by Earth Frenzy Radio: www.earthfrenzyradio.net

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