12/13/2011 -- USA west coast EQ watch -- 6.1M quake in Indonesia / Central / South America

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Dozens of global earthquake monitoring links I have assembled: sincedutch.wordpress.com The past week has shown an increase in the number of 5.0M and 6.0M earthquakes -- especially in central/south america. Extending around the entire ring of fire, we're seeing increased movement, as well as additional volcanic unrest reports from Central America, all the way west to Indonesia (including Pu'u' O'o in Hawaii). Watch the west coast of the USA (Baja CA, north to the fresh lava field off the coast of OR).. then north east to Vancouver Island BC. South west Pacific as well, watch New Zealand north to Vanuatu. Japan is still under threat of a 6.0 or greater in the next two weeks. Central and south america are also on the list to watch.. specifically .. south west off the coast of Mexico -- east to Puerto Rico -- south along the coast of south America through Bolivia and Chile.. as far east as Argentina (in the andes mountains). As for Europe, and the rest of the USA, Canada -- I will be doing an update to cover these areas in depth. EU is overdue.. but needs to be explained in detail to show the areas in question. earthquake.usgs.gov

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