NASA Shuttle Mission STS-127 - Unidentified Object with Flightpath Trace Enhancement

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Hello everyone. This short presentation examines another very brief segment of footage (2.5 seconds long) showing an unidentified object that was filmed in low-Earth orbit, with the object appearing to experience a dramatic shift in the velocity vector as it moves across the camera's field-of-view on the far left of frame against the blackness of space. This particular segment of footage was recorded during shuttle mission STS-127 in July of 2009, while the shuttle Endeavour was docked with the International Space Station. Specifically, this footage was shot on July 27th, while astronauts Chris Cassidy and Tom Marshburn were conducting the fifth and final EVA during that flight.

Due to the apparent high velocity of the unidentified object combined with the low resolution, pixelated and compressed nature of the raw footage, it is rather difficult to detect the unidentified object in the short raw sequence of film. However, contrast enhancement of the scene does allow for the movement profile of the object to be more readily discerned, showing that it appears to experience a dramatic change in flightpath as it traverses the FOV.

The high apparent velocity of the object and the frame-rate of the camera system also combine to result in the object showing significant movement between each individual frame of footage. Because of this, I elected to simplify this flightpath tracking enhancement by first combining every frame of footage from the 2.5 second sequence together to build a single enhanced composite image of the entire segment, which allows us to very quickly identify the full movement profile of the object. From there, it was just a simple matter of "connecting the dots" in the composite enhancement in order to visually define the full flightpath trace of the object that was captured on film.

Please keep in mind, the fact is that there is simply no way for anyone to identify the object seen in this brief segment of footage, so therefore, by definition, that object must logically be classified as being "unidentified".

Of course, the term "UFO" does not necessarily mean "Alien Spacecraft". This object can be accurately referred to as being a "UFO" because that is exactly what it is. It is an anomalous, unknown object that is clearly flying free in space that cannot be identified as being any form of known man-made structure or known celestial object. We do not know what it is, how it got there, where it came from, where it is going, or what it is doing there. By definition, that makes it a "UFO".

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