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Illuminati & Agenda 666 - Part 0051

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Illuminati & Agenda 666 is a new YouTube project and a playlist with new material that will be added on a regular basis.

When the military get control over a country's food and water supply, it can and will win ANY war, without firing a single shot.

Part 1 is really just made as a kind of online presentation of my self as a person, a small picture of who I am in order for people to understand my background for doing what I do here on YouTube.

If you have any viewpoints you would like me to explore here or any questions at all, feel free to post them here, or at my forum.

Thank you all for helping me spread the word, by sending the link(s) to everyone you can.


FULL YouTube Playlist:

Part 1 on

Download Part 1:


Subject of part 0051:

Today about 9/11-2001 ten years on, before we move into 2012

Related topic:

9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB - When will people understand?

GLOBAL MILITARY CONTROL; Why, how and what to do about this.

Quote from WikiPedia:
The Bush Administration took
criticism for using "food as a
weapon" during talks over the
North's nuclear weapons

The Move to Depopulate
the Planet have been
called for by basically
everyone in any position
of power world wide
(The western royal families)

Please google:
"The Move to Depopulate
the Planet" and read this
great article at about this
very subject

Short link:

U.N. stated at a conference for
women in 1996 that they would
use "food as a weapon" - Lets
see how they do this, because
this is coming for EVERYONE !!

The following info is what got my last
YouTube account removed, so lets see if
this stay online:

USA and UN had major "disaster
exercises" in Haiti - At the exact same
time - at the exact same place where this
"earthquake" hit. Just like 9/11, 7/7 or
any other major FALSE FLAG terror

This is NOT a joke
This is NOT an exercise:




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