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Rapture Fake Alien Invasion Plan Pt 2

  • Goldy
  • uploaded: Sep 10, 2008
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I edited a little and upped these two vids because they do a good job of encapsulating what I've come to believe is the most likely way this "shit" is going to come down. I've followed this for 20 years.

But I one day became curious about the rapture doctrine because I heard Dr. Katherine Albrecht (of SpyChips fame) say how it was causing so much apathy in the Christian community. So many Christians unconcerned about the dismantling of our Constitution, and the rise of a brutal police state, because they think they will "be raptured" before anything horrific happens. It's as if someone had put them to sleep so all these satanic one world governmant plans could be instituted without any resistance. Like sheeple to slaughter.

So, I knew the doctrine was not biblical, and it started in the late 1800's, so I wondered just who would be responsible for spreading this dangerous fallacy. Surely it would have NOTHING to do with Illuminati or NWO bullshit.

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  • Shrams23#

    Shrams23 November 23, 2010 5:18:15 PM CET

    Allowing oneself to be influenced is a choice.

  • Shrams23#

    Shrams23 November 23, 2010 5:16:07 PM CET

    So the obvious solution to this, short of the arduous task of actually taking responsibility for making sure our "leaders" are held accountable for their actions, and taking technology like this away from them(because they obviously aren't mature enough to use it for real benevolence), is to reject stupid, superstitious, religious dogma perpetuated throughout history for the sole purpose of controlling people and taking their money. Rise above the need for "salvation", "saving" and the childish discriminatory rapture idea(really?) and realize that this "evil" New Age viewpoint you religious folks cast so much judgement upon is actually the only spiritual philosophy that's immune to the kind of manipulation described in this movie. RELIGION IS THE PROBLEM. It always has been, and as long as people believe they're right and others are wrong, it always will be. The only truth is that god lies within each of us. We are all infinite boundless expressions and extensions of the universe and we all hold the capacity for boundless light and love. Jesus said that, and he was most likely a hallucination brought about through the ingestion of psilocybin. I have no doubt the technology described in this video will be used to create something like this, because the people that are using this technology are just as stupid, closed minded and gullible(if not more) than the people they are hoping to control. It's not really any more complex than that. Dumb apes engaged in a feces throwing match with better toys. You want to talk to god? Take some of the psychoactive chemicals our government outlawed in the 60's so they could use them for interrogation and mind control and go sit in the forest. Hopefully there won't be any assholes in airplanes spraying pollution into our sky and you'll be able to enjoy the sunlight and blue sky without the lovely hazy filter we seem forced to look at it through more and more. Then come back and help me stop these people, take away their toys and put them in a serious time out. I've had enough.

  • Pressurepoint14#

    Pressurepoint14 December 11, 2009 4:59:12 AM CET

    Ok the first half of that video made sence, but after that it starts to break down. First, most people don't trust archaeology enough for it to make them question their beliefs. That would never work and i don't believe anyone would be dumb enough to try. Next making images in the sodium layer is possible, astronomers do it all the time to help calibrate image correction software. But the image would not be movable. The kind of holograms you are talking about can only be made in some kind of transparent solid medium, usually glass. I think people would notice if the government tried to hang giant sheets of glass over all the major cities. Last, ELF or as it is actually called: long wave radio, has been experimented with extensively. While it can induce a wide range of effects from depression to euphoria; it is always accompanied by nausea. Further it needs to be fine tuned to each individual. a blanket application of this would affect only a moderate portion of the population. but even if it worked on everyone it could never be capable of the 2 way communication this video describes. ok it may some day be possible to perfect the imaging, and a well placed dose of euphoria could re inforce it. But this would still not have the desired effect. People would go 'what the fuck was that?' and then return to there lives. There would still have to be a vast war of conquest to bring all the countries into line, and there are better ways of bringing that war about. Like convincing everyone that there is a global conspiracy to take over the world and then, hatching a hair brained plan like Blue light to unite people under the false flag of a common foe; made all the more believable by the fact that the whole world already hates the US government. Think on that.

  • Hayden#

    Hayden September 15, 2008 12:55:31 PM CEST

    Very scarey stuff. Thanks for the video. The devil is in the detail as you said in the waterboarding bit."look with the heart" is the best advice I was ever given. Perhaps sadly that may no longer true or can the bastards influence that too?

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