UFO Over Marble Falls Texas?

This video was uploaded from an Android phone. Location Highway 1431 and 281
Driving to work last night 12/13/11 I saw these balls of what looked like fire in the sky. It was rainy and nasty out and I pulled over and caut them with my phone.
Not very good quality I know but the best I could describe it I would say they looked like weather balloons with fire burning inside them. Too small to be hot air balloons, and too big to be normal balloons not to mention, wouldnt fire melt them? The one think I am sure about was they had fire in them. I saw only 2 at first but then they just kept coming from over the horizon. Other cars were pulled over just as mystified as myself. I say UFO because it is true I dont know what they were but curious to know if someone has some info or news on these things??

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