Punjabi - Kabeer Ji stresses that unless you have

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Punjabi - Kabeer Ji stresses that unless you have clean heart, you cannot rest with God - Page792. This Shabad is by Bhagat Kabeer Ji in Raag Soohee on Pannaa 792
sUhI kbIr jI ] Soohee kabeer jee ||
Soohee, Kabeer Jee:
Qrhr kMpY bwlw jIau ]
thharehar ka(n)pai baalaa jeeo ||
Once-born children are frightened by the Rabbis and Brahmins under the pretext of sin. They make them tremble as these Russian Bishops with their Robes and head gear. The innocent people tremble and shake of fright.
nw jwnau ikAw krsI pIau ]1]
naa jaano kiaa karasee peeo ||1||
Then, you are worried what will our Father God will do to you.
rYin geI mq idnu BI jwie ]
rain gee math dhin bhee jaae ||
Look, you have wasted your life under ignorance and now you have grown and have become sensible twice-born. Take advantage of common sense or SURTI.
Bvr gey bg bYTy Awie ]1] rhwau ]
bhavar geae bag bait(h)ae aae ||1|| rehaao ||
When the person is young and beautiful, then he attracts many people like the bumble bees going for the full blown flowers. Wasting your youth in the worldly affairs, you grow old. ||1||Pause||
kwcY krvY rhY n pwnI ]
kaachai karavai rehai n paanee ||
Our tribal father is Raw or KACHA PEEO and so far you only know this tribal father from a Brahmin Guru, then you cannot acquire water of knowledge. You need a New Skin from our Father by His grace to hold knowledge.
hMsu cilAw kwieAw kumlwnI ]2]
ha(n)s chaliaa kaaeiaa kumalaanee ||2||
when the soul-swan departs, the body withers away. ||2||
kuAwr kMinAw jYsy krq sIgwrw ]
kuaar ka(n)niaa jaisae karath seegaaraa ||
As a young virgin decorates herself to attract men;
ikau rlIAw mwnY bwJu Bqwrw ]3]
kio raleeaa maanai baajh bhathaaraa ||3||
But without the company of her husband, all those decorations are useless.|
kwg aufwvq Bujw iprwnI ]
kaag ouddaavath bhujaa piraanee ||
My arm is tired, driving away the crows, or the critics who criticise me for telling lies, taking bribery, etc and my life passes away.
kih kbIr ieh kQw isrwnI ]4]2]
kehi kabeer eih kathhaa siraanee ||4||2||
Says Kabeer, this is the way the Supreme story of my life ends. ||4||2||

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