Judge Rules Iran Connected To 9/11?!?!?!?!

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The Psyops Reach New Levels Of Ridiculousness

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Judge Rules Iran Connected To 9/11

911 Happens, it’s the brown people in Iraq get’em! No wait, it’s the brown people in Afghanistan get’em! No wait, now they’re in Libya, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia get’em! No wait the real brown Muslims who did 911 are in Iran get’em! This is so fucking stupid it would be almost comical if it weren’t so serious. So many innocent people have been murdered by the United States response to the 911 attacks that it makes me physically ill and to be quite frank if you buy into this B-Movie plot then you've got shit for brains.

The United States’ pretense(s) for waging war on the world actually manages to entail every single logical fallacy in the book. You can watch for yourself video evidence that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that building #7 was brought down via controlled demolition. You can learn for yourself that NORAD was ordered to stand down so that fighter pilots could not intercept the planes.

The real reason that the international bankers and globalists want to wage war on Muslims is because of their banking laws. Islamic Shariah law strictly forbids “Riba” which is interest. This means that people in Iran enjoy interest free banking. The money changers cannot rape these countries financially because of these strict banking laws that forbid interest. Therefore, they would like to export democracy so that they can enslave the Iranian people with the same type of technocratic usury that has been implemented by the private Federal Reserve bank that has enslaved the American people to its agenda of world domination.

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