Woodley Chemtrails 7 December 2010 Freaky clouds and evidence of dimming by trails.

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UK Denies Evidence Of Widespread Illegal Chemtrail Aerosol Operations This is from the Rense website: DERBYSHIRE, UK - Following the submission of a report, backed by over 20 signatories from diverse backgrounds, detailing widespread illegal and unacknowledged aerosol spraying from aircraft, UK agencies have ignored or denied the significant data it presented. Copies of the report were sent to UK Greenpeace, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), The Royal Air Force, DEFRA and, sometime after, to the UK World-Wide Fund for Nature, challenging them to investigate the data themselves. Four responses were received and all of them have denied the basic science presented in the report, which was backed up by the clear evidence. (PR Web) An independent lay researcher, with a background in Software Engineering, from Derbyshire, UK, has continued to try and draw attention to the report he compiled which documents ongoing illegal aerosol spraying activities which could be affecting our climate, our health or both. In May 2007, a previous Press Release www.prweb.com described how he had sent copies of this report to several UK Agencies. Andrew Johnson said that, "It has been an interesting exercise. Though the responses from official bodies have been largely as expected, I have been gratified and surprised by the response of a number of people from all around the world." Since submitting the report in May 2007, Johnson said that he has received responses from DEFRA, The Department of ...

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