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Ron Paul Spreading Disinformation about Hemp

  • Myleso
  • uploaded: Dec 18, 2011
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Ron Paul is spreading disinformation/misinformation about Hemp, also known as cannabis, marijuana, there are so many terms to describe the Hemp plant. The government repeals other laws, there are plenty of laws to repeal because they do more damage than the reasoning for the law. Repealing makes a law null and void. Please share the information.

Smoking marijuana is not stupid like Ron Paul tries to dumb down and manipulate the hatred they already created by mass mind control manipulation to ensure the most superior resource on earth is illegal. We need people to speak the truth and not manipulate the hatred that already exists. Medical marijuana is a scam, ensuring people pay high prices and the public are limited in their access to this harmless plant.

Take action, even if you only send an email. Why is controlling and limiting our ability to grow cannabis more popular than repealing the law to make it null and void so we are free to grow as many plants as we want?

Thomas Jefferson was a hemp farmer. There are documents in Library of Congress where George Washington states that he liked sitting on the back porch smoking a pipe of hemp. In early Colonial times people could pay their taxes with hemp!

We need repeal of an unconstitutional law that has filled our prisons with nonviolent cannabis users. The prohibition against marijuana was unconstitutional from its inception. We don’t want legalization of marijuana which leaves the government to control and regulate it.

I want to be able to grow my own organic food, medicine, clean energy/fuel, fiber without being bullied by corrupt authorities just to growing a limited amount of plants! Why is anyone wanting to limit a plant safer than drinking water? Nobody dies from Hemp.


Our number one need is oxygen. Hemp and bamboo are the two fastest growing plants on the planet. Both have a uniquely bright infrared signature, creating oxygen and breathing in CO2. Bamboo grows in tropical and semi-tropical zones. Hemp grows everywhere but the poles. We need to switch fuels. Alcohol and hemp seed oil still burn oxygen, but create it while they are growing. Gasoline does not.

Rudolph Diesel who made the diesel engine to run on hemp fuel was found swimming with the fishes! Wide use of Rudolf Diesel’s engine would have made petroleum-based fuel obsolete. The idea was destroyed by marijuana prohibition after Rudolf Diesel’s death.

The first diesel fuel was made from oil pressed from hemp seeds. It’s non-toxic, a nitrogen fixer, grows well nearly everywhere, a renewable resource, makes food, fuel, paper, rope, medicine, cosmetics, plastic, housing and much more.

The seeds can be pressed and used for diesel. Leaves and stalks can be fermented and used for fuel grade alcohol. 1800 Gallons of Ethanol Per Acre. Hemp harvests the most ethanol per acre compared to the alternatives, 2-10 times more than corn ethanol. Low THC hemp plants produce less seed and ethanol per acre compared to other strains. Some varieties mature in 60-90 days.

Hemp also produces ozone while it grows. If the world switched to hemp for fuel, we could repair the southern ozone hole in less than two decades. Forests create oxygen. Ozone breathe in CO2, cool the air, attract moisture, create rain. We need them. They are our symbiots. Without them, we suffocate, are subject to droughts and weird weather.

In the 1930's, hemp was stigmatized in a smear campaign by the petroleum, tobacco, alcohol, pharmaceutical, paper industries to insure against the competition of hemp fuel and safe, non-addicting and biodegradable products. The blind prejudice remains. If we and the other animals on the planet are to survive, we must see through this ignorance and correct the problem.


http://www.carenergy.org/CE/crops1.html (1800 gallons of ethanol per acre)


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  • Parasitenation7#

    Parasitenation7 February 16, 2012 2:00:40 AM CET

    Myleso, obvious friend of the the so-called Federal reserve Banking Zionutt system, and probably a syanim mossad dis-info agent himself!!!! Smile lier your on DTV

  • Parasitenation7#

    Parasitenation7 February 16, 2012 1:58:48 AM CET

    Myleso, obvious friend of the the so-called Federal reserve Banking Zionutt system, and probably a syanim mossad dis-info agent himself!!!! Smile lier your on DTV!!

  • Things2come#

    Things2come December 20, 2011 3:03:30 AM CET

    Who is this idiot posting this stuff he or she has no idea on what they are talking about!This should be on a thread!

  • Myleso#

    Myleso December 19, 2011 12:32:22 AM CET

    hemp with high THC harvests A LOT MORE SEED/ENERGY/BIODIESEL, FIBER, compared to the low THC strains of Hemp.George Washington did not smoke hemp with low THC...did george washington smoke kush too? lol :)

  • Ghost32#

    Ghost32 December 19, 2011 12:09:34 AM CET

    There was no dis-information here...Marijuana and Hemp are treated as such under American law, but they are technically Variants of the same species.Botanically, the genus Cannabis is composed of several different varieties and variants.Cannabis is the only plant genus that contains the unique class of molecular compounds called cannabinoids.Smoking marijuana will make the user high, and smoking hemp will not. Hemp contains less than 1 percent of the active ingredient THC, the substance that gives pot smokers a high. Marijuana plants, on the other hand, can contain 10 to 20 percent THC.Marijuana plants and hemp plants have different appearances and are harvested differently. Canabis has a large amount of THC and that is what people smoke that gets them high and they call it weed , pot, grass or whatever.other variants that have very low thc and have a large amount of cbd do not get you high.Variants of this type are called industrial hemp.Also it best to let people decide for themselves what they are allowed to eat,drink,see,hear,say or put into their own bodies.If they make it illegal to commit suicide tomorrow do you think it would stop suicides?

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