Mixing of Eucharist Wine with water is Adultery By

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Mixing of Eucharist Wine with water is Adultery By the Anti-Christ Priests. We are Royal Priests. ADULTERY BY THE PRIESTS
In India, Milk sellers often mix water with milk as they miscible and no one can see but detect on measuring the specific gravity. That too they call fiddle by adding flour or something similar to adjust the s.g. This is called adultery and the one who adults or mixes water is the Milk seller, a thief. The same applies in the Churches. To get rid of the Priests that had Disciples, Christ Jesus trained us in the Vineyard of our Father so much so that if a stranger comes, he would not know who the Real Christ is. That is why the insider Judas Iscariot was hired. Now, the Last Supper was the last training Session of the Brethren turned Friends through Training worthy to be grafted into the True Vine Christ Jesus that was Planted by our Father Gardner God. The Grafted Ones were producing the same Quality Fruit as the True Vine with Christ Jesus as our Anointed High Royal Priest or the Son of God who married the Eleven Virgins through the Ritual of Eucharist of Sacrifice, which is also called entering into the Bridal Chamber in which they were married with the Son and Judas Iscariot was thrown out of the Wedding Banquette for he was not properly dressed. He was a thief stealing money from the Purse.
Washing of the Feet of the Eleven was a ritual of welcoming them into the House of our Father to conduct the Marriage ceremony called Eucharist.
Now, the Christianity became corrupt when the Messianic Jews bring into the Church of God their Jewish leaven Torah and made the congregations drunk with the old wine of Letters desiring not the New Wine. Apostles were not only thrown out but killed by throwing them before the hungry lions. Messianic Jews were mainly from the Judah tribe, the most satanic people that wanted to kill Jesus most of all.
Now, Jesus did not mix water with wine during the Eucharist as the Two, the Moral Laws that bind people as per the Rabbis or Priests used to apply are represented by the body that needs water to cleanse whilst Holy Spirit, Our Mother, fed us with His Word, the flesh of Jesus, our Daily Bread, sets us FREE. So, in the demiurge Yahweh, the creator of male and female or Nature at large, is not real but the Shadow of our Real Father God. That is, Yahweh of the Rabbi Priests is jealous and revengeful as the once-born natural man is whilst our Father God of the Royal Priests is Real from whom the souls emanate and He is loving and merciful. In the same sense our physical bodies are shadows of our real selves represented by our souls received from our Father. Soul has no gender or colour as our bodies have. So, both men and women could Preach Gospel.
So, moral laws that bind you and His Word that sets you Free, they are not compatible or miscible. That is why when the side of Jesus was pierced both water representing the moral laws and the Rabbi Priests and Blood representing His Word, the Spirit of our Father, the Royal Priests who Preach Gospel were not miscible but came separate through Miracle. So, in Christ Jesus we do not need Priests as we ourselves, the Royal Priests, are greater than the Priests from the yoke of which Christ Jesus set us FREE. But these robed Priests soon put the Yokes on people, Matt.12.v43-45, under the pretext of sins that carry no weight as we have been set free of the sins but bound by the righteousness of heart. Christianity is a religion of the hearts and not of the Books or Letters. That is, holy spirit, common sense, shatters the fetters of the Letters or Letter killeth spirit giveth Life.
So, when the Priests mix water with the wine, then they commit adultery imposing their views upon others as the Rabbis used to do on their Disciples. The people who follow or go by what the Priest or Bishop tells them to do have handed destinies of their souls to their Priest, who cannot give your account to God. Whilst the Royal Priests go by their innerman, the Christ and keep their souls Virgin capable of marrying His Son, Christ Jesus. Thus, the Priests in Churches commit adultery who snatch or enslave the souls of others in the fashion of anti-christ. Pope is the High Anti-Christ who has a great following of souls whose accounts he cannot give. That is why, in the Churches the Eucharist of Sacrifice or entering into the Bridal Chamber in Christ Jesus and of remembrance in Anti-Christs is so much mocked.

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