Official Christmas Card from the White House with spaceships UFO ??

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Last Update: I spoke to the medicine man and he said to stop freaking out. That there were many people that would help messengers and we should be honored. He said since the star people's message to live in peace, love, harmony and equality isn't happening they are going to make themselves heard. Like one youtuber said: It is a nod or a wink. ;-) to us. He also said something about us being avatars and they will be back for us. So please stay tuned!

On EBay regular Christmas cards from the White house were going for over $100. And someone did spend alot of time putting this special card together. So as not to waste all the work someone went to I am going to make it into a gift for my son. It is his Golden Birthday this Friday Dec 23rd and this will be awesome. I will frame it and title it:

You are a Star child The White House

It feels good that someone is listening. Being is ignored is worse than death. I rather die in battle then rot in prison. On one occasion this lady was speaking spanish to me, I told her I didn't know spanish and then she started chewing me out in English saying I should know spanish and I told her I was Lakota, she looked confused, then I said American Indian. She looked even more confused and said she thought they were all killed. That hurt. To be forgotten and ignored is so awful. Especially when we have so much to say.

Earlier text: I received several Christmas Cards this year from the White House. The last card definitely had 2 spaceships hovering over the White House. I searched the internet and finally found a Christmas card like this one on EBay BUT it didn't have any spaceships. But on my card there are definitely 2 shiny objects in the sky and on the back it reads: May your holidays shine with the light of the season. (shiny objects - shine with the light - star people). This card is very high tech and the shiny objects can't be felt and don't appear shiny until the light hits it just right. The card is so clever and hilarious. It had me fooled but with the help of other youtubers I came to my senses.

So don't panic! There are no UFOs over the White House -- the card was photo shopped or dubbed, I don't know how they made it shiny though.

I still believe in star people and I hope you stay tuned for the interviews we will be posting on of the medicine men, sun dancers and elders when they speak of how we are all related North, South East and West and above and below (yes there are beings living inside the core). And how we must live in harmony and take care of the Earth and no more digging for oil, coal, no pipelines and no wars. When the videos load they will have: Lakota in the description, I am not sure what the channel name is. I posted some of his older youtube videos under the channel name: Dawn

Take care! I send my Love and


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