Jew Hunt (FULL VIDEO) by Scott Roberts

The Jews on the other hand have proven to us countless times that they have and would do so again IF given the opportunity.
Why repeat the SAME mistakes that have been made countless times before? Why give these bastards free reign to do as they please to us ALL? They need to start feeling some pain and facing some consequences to THEIR actions as well! It is up to US to make sure they feel it.
Part 1 (8:07): Eureka

Part 2 (11:46): Dangers of a mass awakening. A massive awakening calls for a massive response from the Jews.

Part 3 (2:16): Russia

Part 4 (7:58): Going on a Jew hunt

Part 5 (3:43): Lead by example. Sorry, but the only hand I will be holding MUST be attached to the arm of a pretty girl.

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