Happy New Year and Merry X-mass - Celebrate X-mass

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Happy New Year and Merry X-mass - Celebrate X-mass and Start the New Year with Agape Gospel - 1. MERRY X-MASS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR.
Brethren and Sisters in spirit,
We are Brethren in God when we realise that we have One Father in Spirit or of our souls that emanates from Him only. There is Only One God but He is known by many names. In Arabic, they call Him Allah (Al-Ilah), in Hindi Par Brahm, in Hebrew Eloheim, etc. I do not know all the languages and it would be nice to know please. Now, our Father is Spirit and what is born of Spirit is spirit inside us and not the flesh that you see with your two naked eyes. This Christ Jesus clarified to Nicodemus that what is born of Spirit is spirit and what is born of Flesh or Adam is the tribal flesh that everyone has different. In short, in the tribes, we are divided into different ethnic groups and those who know their tribal fathers only, they are once-born natural persons who love their own type and hate the others. In short, they have the animal nature among them and they establish territories like the animals do. In order to discipline the once-born people, we had Priests in Moses, Brahmins in Ram Chander Ji, etc but when they become corrupt and they start to seek Mammon and not God anymore. That is why in this Dark Age, we have the very Sons of our Father God Who comes down to Preach us the Gospel of our Father uniting us in Agape love so that we can live in Peace with each other in spirit as the sons of the Most High God. People need to long for knowing our Father and this longing we can generate among our Brethren if we ourselves know our Father. Remember that Gospel is Supreme in this Dark Age and it being the Double-edged Sword, cuts all the doubts and divisions in the minds of people that the sons of Satan had created for self-praises and popularity. This son of Satan is described by Abraham as AL-DJMAR AL-AKSA, whose form is represented by the Satan shown in the West, the direction of Sunset or Darkness that leans against a hillock representing the Mountain of fanatics that he has created. It is our duty to Fish out those who are pondering if God is One, then why we are hating and fighting with each other? Satan will insist that there are different Gods and different religions to keep his army of fanatics under his control. But in this Dark Age of Christ, everyone is to give his own account to God and those who realise this simple fact, they will be able to long for Gospel or to be Fished into the One and the only One Royal Kingdom of God that rests in our hearts where the Gospel Treasures are also found. Gospel Treasures are distributed by Christs in your hearts and Christ is received by the grace of our Father if your heart is Clean of hypocrisy. Such a heart is possessed by little children who say what is in their hearts and not what anyone else tells them to say. That is why Christ Jesus stressed that unless you become like the Little Children, you cannot enter into the Royal Kingdom of God. That is, open-hearted people enjoy the Gospel through logical reasoning when Christ Jesus is also among them. Christ Jesus cannot share the company of hypocrites, blasphemers or racists but the Satan who creates such divisions and wars.
Thus, the simplest way for Unity is to know that when a person is born in a country that could be U.K., USA, Brazil, Mexico, India, etc or male or female, it was by the Will of our Father and not by our wills that we were born there. Then, we become the members of One Family hating not each other for the colour of the skin, country of origin, male or female, rich or poor, etc. Such a Family is beyond the approach of the sons of Satan with Dog-Collars, funny robes like the Russian Bishops that frighten the simple-minded people, etc. In Islam, if you go by INSHALLAH, God be Willing and not by INSHMULLAH, son of Satan Mullah be willing, etc then that was the Real Islam which Christ Jesus came to Preach - remember James and John going to a Samaritan village and they said they do not need Christ Jesus as they were not spiritually sick people. Christ Jesus did not curse them as Elijah did. Here it is worth mentioning the Shadow or demiurge gods Yahweh, Brahma, Khuda, etc who are the creators of male and female or Nature at large. Sons of Satan have no idea of such things.

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