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Sirius A and B by J.C

  • Gazelem
  • uploaded: Dec 24, 2011
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Greetings dear brothers and sisters, behold! Sirius A and B by J.C.

Revealing yet more fantastic artwork of GOD, the Creator of the stars. Two clips of video of sirius have been used. Only one clip is shown in motion, and only one frame is shown of the other clip not shown, because of the shakiness of the video and other reasons, i decided not to include it.

I hope you see that which is there, for i am sure once you do see, you will be strengthened in your faith, that Jesus Christ is the Lord of all creation, and he signs his works J.C

May you all have a merry christmas, and a happy and joy filled new year.

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  • Gazelem#

    Gazelem December 25, 2011 5:54:07 PM CET

    Hi ufosarus, Thankyou and a very merry christmas to you also :)

  • Ufosarus#

    Ufosarus December 24, 2011 7:58:35 PM CET

    very cool merry xmas

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