Lost In The Americas

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Lost In The Americas, is a series of books that is and shall be written of a discovery I made over the coarse of 4 years. The first book “The Last Story: The Messenger” is about the discovery of a warrior located on the side of the Virgin Mountains in the Southwestern region of the United States in the southern portion of the State of Nevada near the Arizona boarder. In doing my research as to whom the Warrior on that mountain was, I discovered he was an Inca Warrior who led the Mayan people out of South America, “The Inca Empire” 500 years ago. Which brought about the questions at to why was he there, where are the missing people and who put him there? Only later to find these questions led me to the greatest discovery of all. The Sacred Tablet that proves and once again fulfills the Mayan and Hopi Prophecies and the Bible.

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