Project Universe - The Astronomer's Universe

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Project Universe - The Astronomer's Universe

Overview of astronomy.

This was a college-level telecourse on astronomy produced in 1978 and aired on PBS. The series is hosted by Dr. Edwin Krupp of the Griffith Observatory and features eminent astronomers and physicists discussing the subject. There are 30 episodes in total which I will all post:

1. The Astronomer's Universe
2. Historical Perspectives
3. Lunar Aspects
4. Electromagnetic Radiation
5. Astronomical Observation
6. Earth: The Water Planet
7. Lunar Geology
8. Mercury and Venus
9. Mars
10. Jupiter
11. Saturn
12. Uranus, Neptune, Pluto
13. Solar System Debris
14. The Solar Image
15. The Solar Interior
16. Surveying the Stars
17. The Message of Starlight
18. Binary Stars
19. The Milky Way Discovered
20. The Milky Way Structure
21. Extraterrestrial Communication
22. Relativity
23. Stars: The Nuclear Furnace
24. White Dwarfs and Red Giants
25. Supernovae and Pulsars
26. Black Holes
27. Galaxies
28. Quasars
29. The Expanding Universe
30. The Big Bang

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