New Year Message:- Please take on your Crosses to

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New Year Message:- Please take on your Crosses to fight the Anti-Christ Hirelings in Churches - 1.
You need to be the masters of your own destinies, the spiritual male as the born blind youngman was .Only such people can eat the flesh of Jesus and drink the Blood of Christ that gives you Life. We are although Solitary but we have the Support of our Father. Jesus was Solitary but He was not alone. Our Father was with Him and bore testimony to His Works that the Hireling Temple Priests rejected as those of a Satan. I have been called a heretic by these hireling dog-collared Priests and it was taken for a chip on my shoulder. In Jesus, we evaluate ourselves and not seeking the praises of me. Unless our Father approves His Word, we do not Preach Gospel. We may err but we do renew our innerman, the Christ.

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