Phoenix Lights (UFOs? 'Stunt Divers'?) Dec. 22, 2011

Some kids recorded this on December 22, 2011 at Sueno Park in Phoenix, Arizona (source link below). I've attempted to brighten some parts of the vid, and stabilized it throughout. dirka

The lights are lined up in classic "Phoenix Lights" UFO form. I tried to enhance here and there to not much avail, but you can still see what is going on. They hover for quite some time but are still obviously moving and breaking formation (so they aren't lights on a stationary tower or anything like that). Curious. Hm.

If you aren't savvy to the existence of pyrotechnical parachuters, please see this fully explanatory video on the matter. They're real. And about as annoying as sky lanterns, imo. (not to say thats what these were, but just so we're all on the same page as to the possibility)

These [Phx] lights never seem to go away. They happen in Phx all the time!!! I was only looking for Phoenix UFO reports because I think I may have, yet again, captured some on the Phoenix 'Camelback Mountain' webcam (link below), which I will likely be compiling into a video to share - along with some footage I've captured from a livestream traffic camera feed out of Phoenix (which automatically alternates camera locations frequently, to my dismay, as some camera views are pointed only at the traffic but SOME offer a sliver or more of sky view to hunt UFOs :P) More on all that -likely- to come.

source video:
Camelback Mountain Webcam (always seeing crazy stuff on here, but it only updates with 1 picture every 5 minutes :):
example video of aforementioned crazy stuff I've seen on said webcam:
i save the hi-res ones these days, btw, not the low-res time-stamped ones.

the STREAMING traffic cam feed out of Phx:
but we really are at the mercy of the operators of the stream. like right now it's been on Times Square, NY all night for some crappy reason, merow.

Oh, and Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and f*ck the Apocalypse ! it was all a distraction!

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