Preaching Tours: Please help me in travel & accomm

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Preaching Tours: Please help me in travel & accommodation during Preaching of Gospel face-to-face - 1. Gospel is best Preached face-to-face and so I would like to try to go to Monasteries, colleges, towns, etc expose my T-Shirt messages to attract customers. No one knows that you can Preach Gospel unless you put some questions on your T-Shirts and let the people longing for Gospel knock on your shoulder and ask questions. Visitors to a country come and they go but the locals are not attracted to them as there is nothing to attract. T-Shirts are Lights on the living Lampstands, we the Preachers. Gospel is as simple as ABC and it comes from your heart Pure as Gold. No corruptions. So, we over ride Bibles that are corruptible. Messianic Jews have done a lot of damage as the Light came among His own and they killed Him and His Apostles. So, we carry our own crosses and Preach from the rooftops.

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