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12/25/2011 -- Comet lovejoy (C/2011 W3) breaking up or interacting with something near Venus


update 12/25/2011 325pm CST: I removed the 2nd lovejoy video.. here are the facts.. the feed was changed to be every 2 hours some time today.. the feed earlier today was every 40 minutes.. the IMAGES from every 40 minutes are available still .. the video is gone. Why? I don't know yet. but the images are still available , just not the video. You can find the images by searching for "images" on the left hand side.. its fairly complex to navigate but they are still there for the time being. In otherwords.. it is a case of omission of data as opposed to censorship of data -- you can make you "own movie" by downloading all the pics and streaming them together in a slideshow on your own movie maker. (real hassle to do) Seen with the most current view on the SECCHI website: select the SECCHI B - HI1 -- search the last 4-5 days (20111219) here is the site:

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  • Chewy#

    Chewy December 29, 2011 6:25:54 PM CET

    re: interacting with something near venus. Hmmm, posted at about the same time, we find a video showing a massive "flare" occuring on venus, beginning with a bright flash that seems to cover the planet and then explodes into a "something" like a CME that expands into space. Coincidence? or something else?? There seems to be a LOT of weird stuff going on with the planets these days.

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