12/26/2011 -- Grover from Sesame street says 'Be prepared just in case'

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Even the childrens shows are carrying it -- just saw this today while home sick -- reminded me I had it from the ready.gov series that was deleted several months ago. Grover -- thinking of Katrina here -- you'll need that canoe! Don't get rid of it ! They are right of course, have a plan, have a kit, and be prepared . Have a plan for severe weather, earthquakes, fire, and even possibly a plan for civil unrest (just in case). My best advice, have a shelter in place plan first.. food, water, and a means of self defense. Second, I recommend a local "flee" plan in case you are displaced from your house but the area around you is intact.. Third, have a REGIONAL flee plan in case of large scale damage from an earthquake, tsunami, natural disaster, or man made disaster (like Fukushima for instance). Have the appropriate supplies for each plan, make sure each person in your family/friends/group knows the plan ahead of time. First things first, you need a form of communication between all parties. Right up there with communication, you need food, drinking water/liquids, shelter, and clothing. Also think about transportation if roads and bridges are down for whatever reason.. how will you cross that valley or river if there is no bridge? A lot to think about, but worth the time you spend planning it --- if you ever have to use the plan it could save your life ! much love -- dutch

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