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Alien Captured At Russian Machine Plant? 2011

Possible Alien Entity Caught Next To The Zlatoust Machine-Building Plant Trekhgorny, Russia December 24 2011. Did The Alien Come From The Trekhgorny UFO?... Was This A Rescue Mission?. These are images from a cell phone from a witness to the incident, he/she managed to conceal the cell phone from the authorities, who had confiscated all the witness's phones for any reference to the event. The witness also claims to have just over 50 seconds of cell phone footage of the capture of the entity in the garden area, prior to it being removed to a secure lockup, and then being removed by a military security unit. The Alien was put into a vertical metal container with a tinted porthole type window at the top, the container had two cylinder type tubes either side, possibly some sort of gas bottles. The container was then loaded onto a laundry van, not millitary truck, and driven away from the plant. I'm 50/50 on this one guys, could be fake, could be the real deal. Lets hope more witness's come forward with footage or pictures. As Always You Decide. Disclaimer: The ADG cannot confirm the authenticity of the information presented, we merely present the information to a wider audience on behalf of the filmmaker, witness or author. ADG Facebook: Follow ADG on Twitter:

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