Terrestrial Aliens II

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I know all the tricks in the Book
ex NAZI (NASA) employees such as Hoagland want you to search for meaningless crap such as Buildings,Ruins etc and would love for you to beleive that this is what they are, really they are covering for the image manipulation done at the Johnson Space Centre as also gary mckinnon pointed out.

im totally convinced ive trully figured this out and obviously these creatures are not wearing any space suits indicating that the moons & planets of OUR Solar system have an atmosphere & breathable air to support life as these and all my images in my video's show.

"this is the only truth you will ever get"

*the aliens ive found are on











* here's a poster ive made showing some of my best finds (please share this poster with your friends & print it out)

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*Please ignore Goverment troll comments

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