New Year Message:- Please send the E-mail to Colle

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New Year Message:- Please send the E-mail to Colleges, Universities, Churches, etc - 2. Here is the link to a SUGGESTED E-MAIL in word documents that you can modify. I send this in my spare time to different places all over the world. Do not be dettered by their rejection as our anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus was rejected too by the Jerusalem theologians but not by the much hated by the Jews Samaritans of holy spirit. Gospel is for the people of spirit and not those of the dry letters that they themselves do not understand. Challenge these men of letters by asking them who created Adam and Eve? They have no idea as they vomit out what they have been taught at Universities where the students are their Disciples not allowed to question them/ Just learn it, put on a Dog-Collar and fleece or turn stones into bread. They have no idea of the living Bread or how to eat the Flesh of Jesus and Drink the Blood of Christ.

Here is the link to a suggested e-mail:-

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