Ufo MULTI COLORED PLASMA ORB and light communicati

  • Uploaded by Iongets on Dec 30, 2011
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Plasma Orb Ufo and language of light communication. I may have found something , you need to look at this. I may have a few colors wrong but it still may be a significant discovery. Remember the Close Encounters movie when lights were flashed in an gesture to communicate , is this why ? This is a very similar experience from a different type Ufo. I can't be sure you will be safe from changes to your person after viewing this so view at your own risk. I know for the most part, its a boring video to a non enthusiastic person and I am expecting comments to that effect. I could have spent more time on it but I thought that it was important enough to post this first attempt. The last third of this is the better part.I may be going way out on a limb here . This could be lights for interdimensional travel /contact , what I need is more footage , your footage, in order to flesh this thing out. Are other Orbs flashing the same patterns or different colors at different speeds etc. Still I think caution is a concern when viewing the flashing colors as in the way I have found to display it. I also need a better system for this new analytical idea and a brighter larger display with more accurate color palette. The possibility that using this could also be directed upward with laser projectors into space , not sure what that would bring. If you notice any changes in yourself from watching these Ufo color flashes , be aware and note them. I will be working on a better video of this curious effect this causes.

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