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Return of Christ December 21 2012?


Looks at the possibility of the return of Jesus Christ on the Mayan calendar date December 21 2012. Book of Revelation prophecies and the King James version English Bible Code.

Will the end of the world be on December 21 2012, the Mayan calendar Doomsday date? Or will the Second Coming of Christ be then? Could this explain some Book of Revelation prophecies? And how about 12-12-12, 12/12/12, December 12 2012? 12-12-12 is 6 years, 6 months, 6 days, after 6-6-06, 666 being the number of the Beast. Astrology chart. Recorded Dec. 30 2011.

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This page has predictions for 2012, 2013, 2014:


Copyright 2011 by T. Chase. From the Revelation13.net web site, also see Revelation13.net (Revelation 13: Prophecies of the Future, Astrology, Nostradamus, Bible Prophecy, the King James version English Bible Code).

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  • Heretikos#

    Heretikos January 2, 2012 9:10:23 AM CET

    Yeah seriously. I'm not even Christian and I know that. Plus it's not even really 2012... There have been many errors in time. Our calenders we use aren't as accurate as the Mayans were.

  • Earthangel2012#

    Earthangel2012 December 31, 2011 5:49:04 AM CET

    Mathew 24:36,and (Precept), Mark 13:32..-No Man Know the Day or the Hour, not Christ, or the Angels in Heaven Only Ahayah(The FATHER)..Jeremiah 10:2- Be NOT Dismayed at the Signs in Heaven for the HEATHENS are dismayed at them.So.. these 3 Scriptures Totally Destroy this AntiChrist Vid of Sorcery and Astrological Craft.. But it sucks for whoever put so much wasted time in producing this deception, Instead of Actually Reading the Bible for Truth and Understanding..these False Date Dropping is getting old, very sad and embarrassing.

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