Be of discerning intellect to work in the Vineyard

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Be of discerning intellect to work in the Vineyard of our Father where True Vine Christ Jesus is-4.
Here are some obvious corruptions:-

2. Christ Jesus, a Royal King and not a secular King: - Many sing Jesus is the King of Kings, an Emperor but he has nothing to do with secular kingdoms, the third temptation of Satan to Jesus, Forget about God and I will give you all the kingdoms. Pope, an Anti-Christ enjoyed his Empire and killed many for disobeying him. Still people worship him like a Lord. He has spiritually blind Disciple followings as the Rabbis used to have. This is a measure of enlightenment.
3. Christ Jesus shifted us from the brick-built temples made by the human hands, the Synagogues to the Temples of God that all of us carry with us. Royal Priests have Fellowships and learn Gospel through round table discussions based upon logical reasoning. These will Brew Logos, His Word. Thus, where two or three are gathered together, our Anointed Elder Brother Christ Jesus is among us. No Dog-Collared hireling Priest of Anti-Christ is required otherwise His Sacrifice as the Lamb of God was in vain indeed.
4. Christ Peter is called the rock over which Christ Jesus built His Temple. Christ Peter killed two liars Annias and Saphira for telling lies, which the foolish were building the House on sand. So, no liar should be admitted into the fellowship but thrown out into the Footpaths for people to trample over him. Liars are saltless people with no conscience. Only truthful people can create a society living in heaven and that was the key used to be with the Rabbis and taken away when they themselves became liar and hypocrites. These Dog-Collared hireling Priests in Churches are working for Mammon and like a Policeman in uniform, they too retire from their Church Service at 65. In fact, they are Judah Iscariot thieves in Sheep's clothing. Their congregations are stones, simpletons, being fleeced by these psychic Anti-Christs, who cannot give your account to God. Royal Priests retire from the Service of God on death.
I can stress many more points to bring you home where Freedom in Christ Jesus prevails. You will find that Christianity is not for everyone but the One who has discerning intellect. Such people are one in a thousand and two in ten thousands. In India, they are one in a million. End of the world is approaching as Matt.13.v24-30 is being fulfilled in the establishment of Israel. Final Burning is expected End of this New Year as per the Mayan Calendar but our Father knows better than us, the fools.
God blesses the Labourers of our Father that the Sacrifice of Christ Jesus has created or rather encouraged.

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