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  • Laureldsmith#

    Laureldsmith February 8, 2012 9:10:32 PM CET

    your point of view is very interresting but the elongated headed god that appeared tp the mexicans is referenced as beibg a european see kkk and quetzacoatal they are all connected to the step pyramids mastermasonry of ancient messopotamia's elongated headed african adamic race that was actually created 75 million years ago in a land area called pangea by elongated headed grenn skin aliens that had 3 fingers and 1 thumb the bible refers to theses elohim as the biblbical alien that was seen traveling around in the old testament atmosphere in ezekiels glowing wheel within w heell like space craft that had a crystal dome that eventually landed in ancient egypt's geographic mount sinai area and so you see alien yeshua has an elongated head freen skin and 1 thumb and he is connected to the 2009 elongated headed aliens that was seen looking out of an v shaped opened doord within their moving kumburgaz turkey but if we were to connect the ancient elongated headed skulls that are turning up in archaeological sites around the world to the 5 million year old elongated head crved in stone as seen in a german rock carving that has the iamge of an angorro gorrilla emerging from its elongated head that is carved in stone we couldactually see this 5 million year old german rock carving actually confirming the biblical creation story as it speaks of the creation of all four footed animals which includes the angorro gorrilla as having been created before the human race.

  • Vaccineskill#

    Vaccineskill December 31, 2011 10:41:46 AM CET

    yahwe=sin=sinai=joshua made chinese, he does not have alongated head he looks like reptile same as his chosen race snake looking chinese, he made them or rather experimented with our race of whites to finally get his slave chinese race, the bible is about chinese not whites more here

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