Possible location of the lost city of Atlantis

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One of the first scientific expedition to a possible location of the lost city of Atlantis, which occurred in November of 2004. The astonishing results of this expedition (sonar generated images of the seafloor) created headlines around the world as the images showed clear evidence of man-made structures fifty miles from the nearest shore, and one mile under water. Cyprus in its current form appears to be the mountaintop of what used be a larger island, most of which is currently under water. An underwater valley stretching between Cyprus and Syria appears to be the "great plain" of Atlantis, and an underwater mountain in the middle of this valley appears to be the Acropolis Hill of Atlantis City. This is the only Documentary of the first expedition which succeeded in gathering sonar-generated images of the seafloor where the purported man-made structures were to be found.

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