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Special ops soldier caught on tape INVISIBILITY su


  • Joroogumo#

    Joroogumo January 1, 2012 3:55:44 PM CET

    At first glance it looks interesting. However I would have liked to watch it w/o the red ring around it as well as slowed down rather than waste most of it on the start of the vid. I reckon that he is just wearing a normal desert coloured uniform and blends in well where the wall is. Yes there is camouflage technology out there but I don't think it is the case here. As I can't really see properly with that ring around the figure I can't be sure though.

  • Disclosure#

    Disclosure January 1, 2012 8:49:04 AM CET

    I downloaded a copy of this video from the tube a few years ago so I know it's at least that old but nevertheless, no less amazing then it was the first hundred times I watched it. When I first saw this I was blown back but since then, and seeing how invisible tech has surfaced, you know damn well the military has it. We all might wanna break out the old "Predator" movie and take some notes from Arnold the Nazi cause we Americans might be the next ones to see this technology in use and how well it's been perfected.....and it's flaws

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