Predictions2012:- Man's wisdom is Foolish to that

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Predictions2012:- Man's wisdom is Foolish to that of our Father but still we make efforts - 2.
The Bible predicts what is happening in the world today but most of the people read the Bible like a Novel. The understanding of the Gospel Message buried in the Parables is understood by the grace of our Father. Holy spirit, the spirit of man or common sense, is the companion that you need to dig out the Gospel Treasures through logical reasoning. But people with common sense find no pleasure in attending the Churches.
Here are some fulfilments of the Bible Prophesies:-
1. DESTRUCTION OF TEMPLE FOR GOOD: - The Last Parable of Jesus was of the Winepress. Jerusalem Temple was the Winepress where theological discussions were held and the moral laws were coined. It was the Teaching centre for Scriptures, the Milk for babies or the Once-Born people. Schoolmasters had become corrupt and were producing Poor quality Old Wine. The Owner of the Winepress, our Father, sent many Messengers to warn them but they maltreated them. At last, our Father sent His Very Son, Christ Jesus to give them the Final Warning but they got hold of Him and killed Him too. So, our Father destroyed the Winepress and threw the husbandmen out of His Services and through His Son Christ Jesus made us the sons of Most High God. Those who cared to listen to Gospel became Royal Priests by eating the Flesh of Jesus, that understands Gospel Parables and by Drinking the Blood of Christ, which is by Preaching the Gospel to others. Today, the Replacement of this Winepress is in the Punjab called Golden Temple and it is in the hands of kings and emperors of Darkness, the people of Khatri tribe. Judah tribe people were just the Princes of Darkness. But what gold has to do with God?
2. BUNDLING UP OF THE TARES: - Matt.13.v24-30 predicts the End of Age when all the Tares, the people unfaithful to their tribal fathers, the sons of Satan, would be destroyed through sectarian fighting. Chosen People are a Nation of Priests and through them qualities of Tares would be known. Jews of physical bodies or outwardly are unfaithful to Abraham, who was a Semite outwardly. So, these Jews, Hamas, fateh, etc are the Tares unfaithful to Abraham and they will kill and burn each other. This will be the pattern all over the world except where the people have not forgotten their tribal fathers, the Plants planted by our heavenly father, Yahweh, Brahma or Khuda. Remember that this planet earth is for the habitation of the sons of Man only. In the Middle East, the troubled regions will fall into the hands of sons of Satan headed by Al-Djmar Al-Aksa, the most powerful and destructive Son of Satan. So, lesser the tribal instincts, stronger would be the sons of Satan and heavier the DESTRUCTION. If you want to be saved, then Preach Gospel of our Father.

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