12/31/2011 -- DOUBLE TROUBLE ( part 1 of 2 ) - MKULTRA mind control in PRINT media

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Double letter names in entertainment and media.... whats the deal? People with double letter names --- they seem to be either famous, infamous, or they associated with MSM news stories FAR TOO OFTEN. Just go read any series of headlines from ANY main stream media source. Either the author of the article, focus of the story, or quotes from 3rd parties.. seem to include this double letter "phenomenon" on a regular basis. Either people with double letter names are pre-disposed to be famous/infamous OR we have some kind of " other use: of the names and double letters. I am NOT saying all people with double letter names have this "predisposition" --- rather that the media is USING this in the print.. as I show ALL the stories either have a double letter name , use 911, 311, 322 (all known for their significant use in the past few years)... or at the end.. invoke the VW = VVV = 666 connection. Simply put, I think this is a form of mind control programming. Now that you know what to look for.. you will see it.. count on it ! Also note the number of FICTIONAL characters with double letter names !! Such as Peter Parker, Lex Luther, Lois Lane, Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, and dozens of others . 20 stories.. celebrities that died in 2011 .. mind control double letter use and reoccurring dates / numerology : here is the article from this new years (december 2011) I listed each articles ironic use of this "tactic" in writing... www.cnn.com 1. Pete Postlethwaite (first paragraph mentions ...

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