Mystery Foam Invades UK Town 2011

Blackpool residents have been left frothing at the mouth, and baffled by a mysterious foamy substance which has blown in from the sea, carpeting a number of roads. The oily bubbles were blown ashore after 90mph winds battered the resort of Cleveleys, near Blackpool. In places the freak foam was almost 3ft deep, trapping residents in their homes and stranding drivers. Last night the Environment Agency was probing the foam to check for polluting material. A spokesman said: "We have taken samples of the foam as obviously if this is caused by any kind of polluting material, we need to know about it. "Early samples are not showing any trace of detergent so we think it could be the combination of decomposing algal matter churned with the tide and the westerly wind which is causing the foam. ADG Facebook: Follow ADG on Twitter:

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